Ask a Librarian

The BPAstroKIDS, BI STEM library loans out tools and equipment that support delving into STEM fields at home and in schools. To get a BPAstroKIDS, BI STEM library card you must reside on Bainbridge Island or show proof that you are an educator in Kitsap county.

Items checked out can be picked up at the Ritchie Observatory in Battle Point Park during our kids shows on the second Saturdays of each month and returned the next month during a kids show on the second Saturday. Show times are at 4 and 5pm. Alternate check out and check in times may be available by special request.

The maximum checkout time for any item is one month (one cycle between BPAstroKIDS shows).

Reserve the item online, then pick it up at a show!

To request an account to use the online STEM catalog:
1. Email
2. Fill and sign our cardholder agreement
3. Return at a show or to
4. Wait for an invite email from Librarika asking you to be a member!

We do not have a "Member auto join" setting. A notification will be sent to Dr. Erica for a review and materials for getting a library card will be emailed to you. Having trouble? Email for help!
Phone: ( our phone number is kept private. )